Role: Director of Design

Responsibilities: design, branding, UX, front-end development, project management


How It Started

At the end of 2013 I was approached by a friend asking for help with his new venture Beheld. At that time, Beheld was an online gallery that was trying to fill the growing need for a marketplace to help artists sell their work. But we soon discovered that the problem was much deeper - creative mind wasn't always a business mind. Artists wanted to sell their artworks, but didn't want to burden themselves with marketing or shipping logistics.

So we decided to build a product that would take away the pain of business and organization, thus allowing them to be independent. Fast forward a year later and we have produced a 3-part product that covers the business sides of an artist life: show - market - sell.



This is the central part of the product and is a personal control centre that connects artists to the online world. Uploading artworks allows them to quickly toggle showcasing options, add it to their personal site, enable logistical support, send newsletters, post new updates to Facebook and much more.


Personal portfolio

We quickly realized that artists rarely know how to show their art online, let alone sell through their site. So we gave every user a responsive e-commerce website that is optimized for search engines. It attracts new audience to their site, lets them buy artworks directly from them or subscribe to the artist's mailing list to stay up to date.


Online marketplace

Being a part of an online gallery is crucial to most artists, so we made it easy for our users to access it. Moreover, we partnered with a lab from Simon Fraser University led by Ghassan Hamarneh to create advanced searching algorithms by colour and similarity of images.


Augmented reality

One of the biggest hurdles in e-commerce is consumer's ability to "try" the artwork before buying it. So we created a native app for iOS and Android that allows users to see an artwork in its real-life size, using AppGyver and Wikitude technologies.



Direct2Artist is used by hundreds of artists in more than 20 countries and has generated more than 350k unique artwork views. It has helped our users get one step closer to their dream of being self-sustainable.